Monday, 17 August 2009

Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Why are you ignoring me? I have been trying to get the web surfers's attention to have a look at my blog posts. Is that too much to ask?
I am desperate to make it on the web but I just can't find the right help. Everything feels so difficult and complicated. All these codes are jsut a jumble of letters and numbers that do not make any sense to me.

I can just about manage this blog because it is very user friendly and easy to use. I understand that you can easy money just by blogging. I haven't earned any money yet. Is this really true? If it is, what is the secret.

What do you blog about? Do you need to strategize everything you need to blog about? Is there really money in internet business?
I keep asking myself these questions because I haven't seen any truth in it. I have not earned a cent since I began blogging.

I'm confused, no one has joined or responded to my blogs. Where is justice?
Can anyone tell me if really you can make money from blogging.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


Is our universe at war? Ther is so much war around the world: Countries, Races, Religions fighting over something. Is this global fighting emerging? Could this be everyone's worst nightmare or an opportunity not to be missed to live to tell a story like all the World War and Titanic survivals?

I've just been talking to one of my friends who is due to be deployed to Afganistan for his first army job out of the country. I'm trying to understand how his feeling about this next assignment in Afganistan. I just wonder what is going on through his mind. Is he fearful, excited, sad or happy for being part of the war and fighting for his country. I'm sure he must be having fears and doubts. We feel for his wife but the job is got to be done.

I do believe that each and every job has its own risks but some jobs indeed have more risks than others. I can't imagine though how the world would be like without the sacrifice of these men and women. As much as it is difficult and frightening to think about what could happen to them, but the world needs them.

Why can't we have a diplomatic war? Is there anything like diplomatic war? Is it really fair to have all those innocent people killed?.

Friday, 23 January 2009


Would you agree with me? What is this Recession? We are loosing jobs, homes, store retailers are closing down, banks are struggling. Almost everything we've worked for is disappearing before our eyes and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Unemployment is already expected to hit its highest. UK has today officially been declared in recession.

Unemployment will surely produce much more instability in the country, crime will be number at the top to increase. We won't be safe anymore.

I feel so angry, sad and stupid about it. I feel a sense of guilt for fearing I won't be able to support my family the way I would like to. I feel as if my rights to live a happy life is being ripped away by so called Recession.

Recession, who are you exactly? Who brought you to this planet? Are you an alien from some planet that's been sent to destroy our earth? I wonder! Are we ever going to come out of it? It's not long that ''global warming'' dominated our lives and now it's recession! Whichever route we go, there is always something that is emptying our pockets and leaving us poor.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Working Parents


Looking at the Obama family, in as much as we can fancy the position they find themselves in - having the highest office job in the world and complete support from his team with advise around him, you just have to feel the stress their children are likely to be under.

When you think about it, both parents will be very busy to be able to spend quality time with their children. They have done well to bring their grandmother to look after them however it is not the same as having your parents daily. How much stress are the children likely to feel? Surely for a child it is one of those cool things to have a father for a president. Their lives have changed for ever. They will be followed by bodyguards everywhere they go. Mrs Obama can no longer drive her own car.

Surely it is the greatest position on earth. Putting your country first before your family is not a game. We congratulate the Obama family and join them in their efforts to make a better world for our children's future in fulfillment of prophecy and dreams of the men and women who fought for this struggle and paid with their lives years ago.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Barack Obama Inauguration

This day brings a moment of liberation not only to just Black Americans but Blacks all over the world. Today people of Black origin walk with pride. They now have a belonging they've been longing for for all these years. It's a promise to freedom we all have been looking forward to.
We can say we are vey fortunate to live to this day.

All different colours and races united will hopefully overcome the persistent obstacles that hold us back. Change is difficult and painful but it can bring hope, only if we all work together to turn our attitudes to affirmation.
Building and shaping our children's mental attitude will definitely brings success to our change. Just like our next First Lady, Michelle Obama said when she hosted a children's concert honoring military families - ''You kids are the future of this nation..'' Parents have a duty and an obligation to raise and educate their children in a manner that will give each child an opportunity to contribute positively to the society.

We all hope and believe that the Obama family will be a model that each american family and all over the world will look up to.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Tackling Challenging Behavior in Children

Tackling challenging behavior in children can be very stressful in today's society. But teaching children manners does not need a skill or a specialist. Different parenting styles are usually the main drivers to upbringing and shaping the child's behavior. Even a simple thing like establishing a family routine can be very difficult these days. Why? Because every individual of today has demanding sometimes conflicting needs to that of their families. Some parents have to work to support the family. There’s very little quality time that’s dedicated to family needs. Families eat dinner in front of television with plates on their laps, there's hardly anytime to sit and enjoy a meal around a table. No wonder then children tend to develop poor social skills at an early age.

Children hardly get opportunity to socialise and learn proper social skills. ''Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder''. Do our children represent the good in us? It is true that children's behavior is a representation of the family's structure and its characteristics. Spending a large fraction of time in front of television diminishes the child's ability to develop all social skills e.g. speech. Often these children struggle to express themselves and sometimes get to trouble with other children because they can't form basic simple relationships with their peers.

The bottom line is children need a consistent routine and structure to learn good social skills and manners.